Who Are J&J Custom Log Homes

J & J Custom Log Homes, LLC.; the J’s stand for Jeremy Belden and John Herring, two talented professionals who have a likeminded approach to life and to business that has led to a dynamic and successful partnership.  

Jeremy and John had common ground right from the start. They are both veterans, distinguished for their service to our great nation.  Simply put, Jeremy and John live life to a higher calling “Give your all to the duty at hand”.  In the service and in business their “all” refers to deeply ingrained standards of honor, integrity, focus and ability.

Jeremy served for 5 years in the US Marine Corps.  Upon completion of his tour of duty, he settled for a time in Arizona and began working in construction there.  As he learned the trade and rapidly began to expand his abilities, he realized that his day job had turned into a career that he is passionate about. As he branched out to learn new styles and techniques, he also learned about the business of Contracting and the opportunities that exist for hard working, honest businessmen to build a name in a field where skill and ethics don’t always come together. For more than 8 years now, Jeremy has built a solid reputation for building homes on time and on budget and he takes a special pride in the fact that all of his past clients can be counted as friends long after their home building projects have been completed.

John served in the US Navy for 10 years.  He came away from his tour of service with many valuable skills and abilities and began his contracting career on Long Island, later moving his family and business to the Adirondacks.  Over the past 20 years, John has built a reputation for excellence in the mechanicals of plumbing and heating.  He has a gift for designing custom systems that compliment the unique specifications of custom log homes while incorporating the needs and wants of the homeowner.  Working closely with the homeowner and with Jeremy, John focuses on complete satisfaction by combining efficiency, skill and experience with the ability to stay on the cutting edge of the latest products and technologies.