Construction Services

J & J Custom Log Homes, LLC's home building services include full turnkey General Contracting of:

  • Custom Natural Log Homes: Handcrafted log homes have a more traditional, rustic look. Each log is hand-peeled with a drawknife, hand scribed, chiseled and cut with chain saws to form a perfect fit to the log below.
  • Package Log Homes: Commonly referred to as ‘Milled’ log homes, these use logs that are cut by a machine to a uniform diameter.  They are machine cut into the desired shape or profile and will all be uniform in size. These homes are available through a wide variety of manufacturers and Log Providers.
  • Timber Frame Homes: Timber frame or Post & Beam homes are built from large wooden components that form the structure or skeleton of the home and require no interior load-bearing walls. This allows for wide open spaces on the interior of the home often accented by the natural beauty and warmth of the wood beams as a key element of the interior design.
  • Conventional Stick Built Homes: The most common type of home building, stick built homes are constructed on the building site and offer the most flexibility for house designing.  J & J offers stick built construction with a wide range of customization available including exterior log siding and rustic interior accents, providing a warm Adirondack feel in a more conventional setting.

Many other construction services are available with the same degree of expertise and commitment, including:

  • Log Home Conversion: We can convert your existing conventional home into a “log” home with quality log siding.
  • Additions /Expansions: If you’re considering adding a bathroom or home theater, we can expertly guide you through the process including handling all of the electric, plumbing & heating details.
  • Outbuildings: Whether you need a Garage, a Shed or a Greenhouse, we offer all levels of construction from erection of the shell to a turnkey project.
  • Remodels: Change that wasted space in your basement or kitchen into a place your family will love to gather together.
  • Exterior Additions: Porches, Decks, Sunrooms and other creative ways to enhance the exterior of your home and bring the outdoors a little closer.  We can offer you experienced and creative methods to add on to your home’s exterior while maintaining a congruent overall appearance.
  • Repairs & Renovation: Call J & J for your Siding, Replacement Windows or Roof repair needs!

We are interested in learning about your project and finding creative solutions to all of your building needs. Contact us today to arrange a free consultation.