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J & J Custom Log Homes provides building services for all shapes, styles and sizes of Log Homes.  Often our clients come to us with a Log Package or a design for their dream home. Other times we start with your ideas, listen as you tell us what you envision and provide you with insight and guidance as your dream becomes the blueprint for your new log home. We work with several Log Home Manufacturers and Log Package Providers to offer you the highest quality, local building materials. Our Log Home building styles include:

  • Milled log
  • Handcrafted
  • Swedish Cope
  • Hybrids
  • Panelized with log siding
  • Stick-built with log siding

J & J Custom Log Homes offers you the skill and experience to work with any Log Home design and we take pride in creating a log home that perfectly suits your preferences and lifestyle. Whether you’re looking to build a log home that embodies the rustic Adirondack cabin appeal or something with a bit more sophistication, our experienced craftsmanship means that we know what it takes to create one of a kind, custom log homes that reflect the imagination and values of the family within.  With J & J, your custom log home experience doesn't end with the design of the exterior walls.  Custom interior designs for your home allow us to make even your packaged log home truly unique. We welcome the opportunity to create a unique rustic staircase, mantle, island or built in cabinetry. 

Contact us today to discuss the many ways that J & J Custom Log Homes can build a home to your individual specifications. You'll have the benefit of our years of experience in building beautiful log homes and we'll be there to help you with details through every step of the process.  We offer you the opportunity to look through several of our finished log homes to see for yourself the quality of our work and the satisfaction of our Custom Log Home owners.

Types of milled logs

D Shaped Profile
"D" Shaped Profile

Square or Chink Style Logs
Square or Chink Style Logs

Swedish Cope Profile
Swedish Cope

There are primarily two kinds of log homes:

  1. "Handcrafted": a handcrafted log home is typically made of logs that have been peeled but are otherwise essentially unchanged from their original natural appearance when they were trees.
  2. "Milled" Log (also called "machine-profiled"), a milled or machine-profiled log home is one constructed of logs that have run through a manufacturing process which convert them into timbers that are consistent in size and appearance.

Milled log homes have an assortment of profiles to choose from. 

  • ‘D' Shape logs which are round in the outside and flat inside.
  • Full round logs which are fully round on the inside and out.
  • Square logs which are flat on both the inside and out and may be milled with a groove that could be chinked. When dealing with milled logs chinking is more of a personal preference and is not required to seal the home.
  • Swedish Cope logs which are round on the inside and out and include a half-moon shaped groove that is removed from the bottom.

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