Log Home Testimonials


Adirondack Custom HomesI absolutely HATE hiring people to do anything. So my story begins and never ends with Jeremy and his team. Back in 2011 I was going to do an addition on my current Lincoln Log home in Warrensburg. Lincoln Logs highly recommended Jeremy and his team as a custom builder. My wife and I met up with Jeremy at a custom home that he had built to see some of his work and to discuss our addition plans. From the get go, we got a really good first impression that this guy was legit, honest, took pride in his work, imaginative, and talented. We were all set to use Jeremy when we made a decision to sell the house for career reasons.

Fast forward almost 5 years later; we decide to build a custom home on 52 Acres in Gansevoort, NY. I have experience in building and had done many things in the industry most of my life so I wanted to build my own home, GC it myself, and do everything I could possibly do where time would allow. As the house plans grew, so did my anxiety about how the hell was I ever going to frame this thing myself. The house would be an ICF (insulated concrete form) home which I would be doing so needless to say nothing would be a good situation for a framing crew to step in on. Our meeting with Jeremy had always stuck and his name always came up. The best phone call I made during this whole process was (and still is) to Jeremy to explain the situation. He was more than helpful and understanding in working with me as the GC, and humbling even to a guy who thinks he knows the ins and outs of a build. He knowledge and creativity comes out immediately. You meet a lot of guys in this business that are all bullshit about how good they are, and make promises and claims that they are the only guys for the job. I never got that impression when meeting with Jeremy. He was "working" the minute he showed up for the first time at the hole in the ground where the foundation would be. Every conversation with Jeremy led to better results. Throughout the process even before the framing began, Jeremy would dedicate countless hours of time he could have been doing other things or be with his family to check in, bounce ideas, address possible concerns, give contacts for help with other building processes, answer absolutely any question I had (too many) extremely quick. He stood up for me against guys he deals with all the time to make sure I got what I wanted and nothing less. This guy knows how to communicate with customers, he knows how to treat people, knows how to build according to code, take no shortcuts, and leave his professional mark on his product.

He crew and colleagues are all much the same. They are a very respectful, hardworking, and talented crew. Even after their framing portion of this project was complete, Jeremy continued to call, text, and stop by the house to check in and see how things were going and if I needed anything. Everything he said he was going to do he did in a timely manner, and for the agreed price. There was no shady business after the fact. He is very up front and honest and I always understood what was going on. He actually taught me a lot throughout the process and took the time to explain which he did not have to do.

I do not give many recommendations. As I said I hate depending on other people. I have never written a testimonial. I don't blog, tweet, facebook, post, chat, etc. as it is a complete waste of my time. However I felt compelled to take a few minutes to recognize these guys. They made my dream home come to life and made this stressful process a lot less stressful. I would recommend Jeremy and his team without reservation for any job big or small. I give Jeremy full permission to give out my contact info if anyone reading this wants get ahold of me and hear from my mouth first hand or even come out to the house and check out their work. Bottom line, you're doing yourself a huge disservice if you do not seriously consider using this team to take charge of your next project. DON'T, use the guys that bid lower and talk a big game, you will regret it.

Mike and Stef


My name is Vicki Smith. Charlie LaCroix and I purchased a log home kit from Coventry Log Homes, New Hampshire. The kit arrived 7-20-10. My stubborn and confident boyfriend was determined to build the house all by himself; with help from a very talented carpenter/stone mason.

They did great, log by log; row by row, Until they reached the time to build the roof. I am not positive how long they looked at the plans, looked upward to where the roof was going, but in November, Charlie admitted defeat, and had me find someone to build the roofing system.

I called Coventry for a reference. They gave me a "guy's" name. I called him. He and his sons came and got 1 weekend in building the roof. 12 hours and $1200 later ... he called me to tell me he didn't know when he'd be back. I was devastated! Now what the hell do we do? Snow in the forecast and I had NO ROOF! I made some phone calls. My good friend Bruce Gordon gave me Jeremy Belden's name and number. I called my now new friend Jeremy, and he came out to look at our situation.

My first impression of Jeremy was, wow, he's young. Then I opened up one (1) of his portfolios. THE MOST BEAUTIFUL LOG HOMES I'VE EVER SEEN. I was so pumped, Yes, we found someone!!!

Charlie and I spoke, he also liked Jeremy and the fact he had all those houses (roofs) under his belt.

We hired Jeremy to finish our roof, so we thought.

Hours into him and his crew arriving, they were dismantling the current roofing system because the "guy" (must be nice) and his sons totally screwed up all they had done. Jeremy and his crew were more than able to fix what that "guy" had built.

I have since thrown Jeremy's name out every time someone asks or comes over to see the house. I thank him every time I see him for helping us out. I have even called him with questions on other things, and he is always willing to help me.

Vicki Smith/Charlie LaCroix


Building a log cabin was our dream, but we never expected it to be such an incredible experience. From the very beginning J&J Builders helped guide us through the building process and offered amazing ideas to customize our home, making it truly unique. Owner Jeremy Belden's attention to detail and artful craftsmanship turned our dream home into a reality that far exceeded our expectations. From the custom twig and branch staircase to the meticulous tile work gracing the kitchen and bath, J&J Builders created a gorgeous, Adirondack retreat of superb, heirloom quality. Jeremy and his crew were professional, personable and top-notch tradesmen. They always delivered on commitments, ironing out any sub-contractor wrinkles and keeping the project running smoothly and on time. Jeremy conducts business with rare honesty and integrity, displays obvious respect for his craft and the client, and takes genuine pride in his work. Quality was never sacrificed in the interest of time, and many creative and beautiful options were offered to keep the project within budget. We couldn't have been happier with our choice of builders and would recommend J&J Builders to anyone who wants to turn their dream into a reality too.

Billy and Kira Greer
Bolton Landing


Jeremy Belden's level of professionalism is a refreshing find in the construction industry here in the Southern Adirondacks. He is a contractor who is dependable, honest, knowledgeable and very fairly priced. Additionally, he is very creative and talented at building and remodeling rustic homes. 

I have been working a on a log home here in Saratoga County for the past five years and I had become exasperated with the high cost and low quality work I was receiving from so many of the tradesmen I came across. Jeremy is now my go to guy on every project I undertake.

I realize my endorsement is strong, but he is deserving. You are being unfair to yourself if you do not at least speak with Jeremy about your next project.

Phil Loftus
Porter Corners


I have known Jeremy Belden since 2009 when he arrived on scene, enthusiastically, to rescue me from myself. Although neither of us knew that at the time.

Please allow me to elaborate.

As an accomplished educator with a fine woodworking business on the side, I had it all planned out - I would build my woodworking shop and live above it with my growing family as we built the house of our dreams. A wonderful plan; my wife and I would save all kinds of money and get it done the way we wanted, learning the nuances; on the fly, while holding down two full time jobs and attending to the business of raising a family in the midst of the chaos. "Just think of the savings ... "

Well, as the man said, Life is what happens to you while you are busy making other plans. One year morphed into several. The kids morphed into proto-teenagers sharing one room; the dutiful wife tapped her foot as the hourglass ran down. It was time to call in the troops. But where to look? Who to trust?

Jeremy came to me with glowing recommendations, and having been burned before, I called every one. He spent hours with me studying what I wanted to accomplish before I agreed to sign on with him. In the end, a trust relationship had built up so that I think we both felt confident taking the leap on each other (though not literally, mind you...) I knew enough about the fine craftsmanship I wanted, but just didn't have the time to execute myself. And for his part, I think he knew that I was respectful of his ability and would not waste his time either, as long as he delivered, and that is what he had every intention of doing. (Believe me, I have worked with my share of PITA clients.)

He began work on a New Years Eve morning before first light on the top of a small mountain as the sub zero wind howled around him and his crew ... 'Jeez', I said to myself. 'I think I hired a nut'... a normal crew would have banged in for the day... but not that Monday morning or the cold, dark mornings that followed. Jeremy said he was going to frame my addition, and frame it he did.

Probably my biggest pet peeve, besides students who whine, are contractors who do not return phone calls. Jeremy calls me on a regular basis to see if I am happy; he responds when I leave a message on his phone right away. He has helped me navigate the complex world of subcontractors and taken the time to find me the right people at the right price.

My advice to you is that if you are thinking of becoming a potential client, you should really consider hiring Jeremy before somebody else discovers what we did- besides being a fine craftsman whose skills you really need to witness to fully appreciate, he keeps his word and in this world, that is solid gold. He wants you to be happy, and won't stop until you are. Hire him before someone we does, and "think of the savings" in the hours of fretting and worrying over a project that he will have firmly in hand as if it was his own.

For some context. please visit my blog.
Matthew Rozell
Proprietor, Woodchuck Hollow Fine Woodworking
Organization of American Historians Teacher of the Year 2010


Gandiosi Custom Log Home

In addition to spectacular results, being an expert craftsman in his field, and high integrity, Jeremy Belden of J&J Builders, is very personable and easy to get along with. He demonstrates great creativity. Building a Log Horne is nothing like the stick frames homes we have had built in the past, and can be quite overwhelming at times, but it has been a lifelong dream to build one of these homes, and we knew when we met Jeremy that we had chosen the right builder. The final outcome showed in our custom log home, it is over the Top! He has a talented team of craftsman that stand out in their field. Dan Herring is one of best fine finishers we have had the pleasure of working with. His brother, John Herring, did a superb job on the radiant heat and plumbing design for our home. It has all of the state of art bells and whistles you could wish for. Building a home is stressful enough, but with the guidance of Jeremy Belden and his team at  J&J builders, we knew we were in good hands.

I highly recommend Jeremy and J&J Builders if you want perfection!

Wrene' J. Gandiosi